In 1985 Doris Barlament’s dream for the Seymour Church was to start a Hand Bell Choir.  Doris was unable to see her dream come true; she became ill and passed away.  She asked that any memorial money donated in her name be used for the purchase of handbells.  Through the generous giving, in her name, purchases were made covering 1/3 to ½ the cost for a 3 octave set of bells.  An invitation was sent out to the congregation to purchase a bell in honor of, or in memory of a family member, or person in the congregation.  Donations came in and the bells were ordered.  The bells were played the first time in the fall of 1985, under the direction of Violet Kollath.  We have had 5 directors over the years.  Violet Kollath, Julie (Barlament) Neal, Virginia Trost, Mary Larkin and Nancy Brinkman.

We wear stoles over our clothes to keep the bells clean.  This also protects the bells from being scratched from any necklaces, pins or other jewelry worn by choir members.  Each stole has The United Methodist emblem, The Cross and the Flame, hand stitched by Violet Kollath.  The choir members are proud to continue using these stoles at the present time.

Currently there are 3 members who were in the original group from 1985.  They are Jean Rohloff, Debbie Sutliff, and Nancy Brinkman.

Hand Bells practices are held September through May.  We welcome new members!  Contact Nancy Brinkman at 920/833-7308 for more information.

The Hand Bell Choir is pleased to keep Doris Barlament’s dream alive by ringing bells for God’s glory.