Fall Zumba Classes

The Fall Zumba Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 13—November 3 from 6—7 PM at the City Site. Cost is $3/session. For class details, please contact certified Zumba instructor Barb Lee at mlee37@centurytel.net or (920) 833-1683.  

9/4/2016 Lost Treasures Week Two

Preaching:  Pastor Rebecca A. Henry Date Presented:  Sunday, September 4, 2016 Scripture Reference: Judges 3:12, 14-30 Sermon: Lost Treasures Week Two   Last week the unexpected was a talking donkey. This week it is a story matching much of what…

Treasure Clue Two for Week Two

Friends, As we come closer to uncovering another lost treasure in scripture this week, here is another clue for you: I delivered a secret message to the king, who was not too pleased. Good luck! Pastor Rebecca

Treasure Clue 1 for Week 2

Friends, This week we listen to yet another rarely heard scripture passage that awakens us to God. Here is your first clue to discovering the lost treasure: The Israelites called out for help and God sent me. Good luck! Pastor…

8/28/2016 Lost Treasures Week One

Preaching:  Pastor Rebecca A. Henry Date Presented:  Sunday, August 21, 2016 Scripture Reference: Numbers 22:22-35, 23:5-12 Sermon: Lost Treasures Week One   No one does expect a horse, of course, to be able to speak. It is that fact that…