2015 Youth “Go On”

What does it mean to ‘Go On’? The Wesleyan Movement began because of the foundational idea that faith produces inward and outward holiness. In other words, the faith you have calls you to put it into action. When you go on to take action because of your faith, it is one way to show God that you do love your neighbor. Learning about God, Jesus, the church, etc. are all good things – but when you go on to serve others because of what you’ve learned – that’s when you become a disciple who can change the world.

Join United Methodist youth from all over the country at this summer’s youth gathering.  It is so big it only happens every four years. Activities include concerts, workshops, late night fun and hotel amenities (pool, basketball, volleyball, fitness center!). Youth age 12 and up can attend. Sign up in the office by Sunday, January 25, 2015.  The cost is $125, nonrefundable if no one else can take the spot.  The maximum a family would pay is $300. Visit www.youth2015.com for more information.