Kindness Quiz


This week we begin our worship series, “Recipe for Loving Relationships”.  The first thing we need to add in our practice of loving others is kindness.  I would invite you to take this short quiz from Gary Chapman’s book, Love As a Way of Life, to assess yourself in practicing kindness.  As you take the quiz, consider your most common words and actions.  As we take steps to grow in our life of love, it is important to realize where we are now.

1. When I am in a public place, such as a clothing store, I. . .
a. Find myself snapping at people who get in my way.
b. Try to engage with as few people as possible.
c. Enjoy any opportunity to smile at someone.
2. When doing good for someone involves a sacrifice of time, money, or convenience on my part, I. . .
a. Dismiss the idea without seriously considering it.
b. Am willing to sacrifice if I know I’ll get something in return.
c. Consider whether the sacrifice is worth it and try to make it work.
3. When someone is unkind to me, I. . .
a. React in anger.
b. Try to avoid that person as much as possible.
c. Look for a way to be kind to her.
4. When I hear of other people doing charitable activities on a Saturday afternoon, I. . .
a. Hope they don’t ask me to participate, because they obviously have freer schedules than I do.
b. Feel guilty for not participating.
c. Consider how I could do something similar in my neighborhood.
5. When I see someone who dresses or acts very differently from me, I. . .
a. Feel superior to him.
b. Try to avoid him because he makes me uncomfortable.
c. Try to engage him in some way because he might be able to teach me something.