Generosity Quiz

Friends, this week we continue our worship series, “Recipe for Loving Relationships”. This week we will be discussing generosity. I invite you to take these short quizzes from Gary Chapman’s book, Love As a Way of Life, to assess yourself in practicing generosity. As you take the quiz, consider your most common words and actions. As we take steps to grow in our life of love, it is important to realize where we are now.

Rank the following statements on a scale from one to five, one being “rarely” and five being “usually.”

1. One of my favorite things to do with my family is spend time with them.

2. I am intentional about using my abilities to help others.

3. When I talk with someone, I focus my full attention on her.

4. I enjoy giving away money because I believe it helps others know they are valuable.

5. When one of my possessions is lost, broken, or stolen, it doesn’t take me long to let go of it emotionally.

Count up your answers. If your score is from twenty to twenty-five, you are probably alert to ways you can love others through different kinds of generosity. If it’s lower, consider whether you struggle most to give away time, ability, or money.