Love to Stay Book Study

Sorry I’m a bit late on getting this out to everyone, but I wanted to put my own personal invitation out there for the Love to Stay 6-week Book study starting Sunday. (still working out the logistics for 1st meeting time since it now falls during the Packer/Cowboy game). Adam Hamilton is such an engaging writer – I love that this book is down to earth and honest about the real day to day issues all of us deal with whether we’ve been married a short time or decades!
This class is not for marriages that are struggling. It’s not for marriages that are peachy perfect either. It’s just another tool we can use to make our marriages the BEST they can be! Adam Hamilton uses humor and practical advice and ideas in his teaching – it’s refreshing and real! Plus, with group discussion – maybe you’ve got some insight you can help another person with in the group who may be struggling!
Please consider joining me for this 6-week study — here’s the BEST news of all — you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO READ THE BOOK if you don’t want — we start each session with a short video from Adam Hamilton which outlines the chapter we are studying in the book that week.
If you are interested in joining this group or maybe the time isn’t right now, but you’d be interested in a future session – please let the office know by this Thursday morning! God Bless you all!
Cindy Van De Hei