Love to Stay

This is the time of year when schedules often change due to weather, or Packers.  The first class of Love to Stay was scheduled to begin this Sunday at
5 PM at the city site.  However, the Packers’ next playoff game is scheduled for that same time.  Thus far those interested in participating in the class regularly attend worship at the city site so an alternative time for this week has been suggested for 10:30.  HOWEVER, we do not want to exclude anyone who is interested and prefers to worship at country site.  If you are interested in participating in the class please let us know by Thursday morning so that we can determine an alternative time that works best for everyone.  This is a wonderful class that was spoken of highly by those who participated in November.  We hope you will consider participating as it is a wonderful way to move towards the celebration of Valentine’s Day.
Stay safe on the roads today.
Pastor Rebecca