Personal relationship with God


2 Peter 1:3


His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness


What speaks to me about 2 Peter 1:3 is that it’s an easy scripture to remember and it fits within our everyday lives. I say it’s an easy passage to remember because at VBS this year at Graceway – that was the passage we had the kids remember for the week.


It’s a passage that highlights our relationship with God just by being here and attempting a godly life in the best way we can. We know him, seek him out and it’s divine power that provides more than our hearts could ever imagine. We are so blessed with all the choices we have. We can choose what to wear, what to eat, whether or not to go to church or do something else. God gives us all we need in life but we get busy seeking out more more more. Then we miss out on the glory and goodness that God’s already shared with us. Everything we need for a godly life and things to survive on Earth is already in front of us because we know and we believe in Jesus.


6 things to make for a personal relationship with more.


  1. Vulnerability
  2. Honesty
  3. Fun
  4. Community
  5. Senses
  6. Communication


1= Giving everything of yourself and sometimes ignoring the rest of the world; no distractions to get in the way so the Holy Spirit comes in like a flood – and it will happen whether you like it or not. When that flood of the spirit arrives you have no choice but to go ahead and put your hands up, sing off key a little bit louder and let the tears roll down,


Being vulnerable with God means doing some embarrassing things every once in a while. Maybe it really isn’t that embarrassing but perhaps nobody else is experiencing that same thing and that’s okay. To some extent we have to get over ourselves and what people think of us when it is time to worship or discuss God. We are fearful of what may happen good or bad but we have to use all our opportunities and just go with it. I cry nearly every Sunday in church…just by singing songs that I’ve heard a million times. I don’t particularly prefer to have snot and a wet sleeve but I know where it’s coming from and that the Holy Spirit prompted it so I know it is good. If you admire the couple or family that prays inside a restaurant.. You can be those people too.


2 = You can’t and shouldn’t, lie to God. He knows what’s on your heart whether you like it or not so there’s no point in trying. This kind of honesty doesn’t come with an option of even the smallest white lies. It forces us to be honest with ourselves which is who we usually try to deceive the most. It can be scary and embarrassing for God to know everything. Personally, I’ve felt less welcome  in God’s house because he knows I’m a sinner and I know I am not even close to good enough to stand in his foyer.


Except I am.

I can’t cover up what not so great things I said in the week or when I failed last weekend  but God knowing what’s in your heart means he can love you whole. From the past to the present and all the moments we want to hide from.  God has to be able to know our true selves because it’s the only way He is able to love us the best way for us.

It’s very hard to serve someone without knowing what they struggle with. Each of us is unique with varying love languages that God pays attention to. Our minds trick us into thinking that God won’t love us because there are sinful things we have experienced but grace is more powerful than our minds’ psychology. That’s actually where we need to love and forgive ourselves too.


3 = God has a sense of humor and I know for sure we humans do too. You don’t always have to bond with God over quiet somber moments; that’s what Praise and worship is for. Have fun with God and send prayers of thanks for the fun times you have with the people you have in life. God wants us to enjoy our time here and do good things, He just wants us to keep in mind that this is just the beginning and heaven has a whole playground of our favorite things waiting for us.


When it’s time for joys and concerns in pastoral prayers the difficult to say and hear requests for healing and mourning is just as good of a God moment as the ones of marriage, births, and visits. Prayer and opportunities that you’re taking the time out of your day to be with God in any capacity is precious and treasurable. Often times it’s more noticeable to go to God and recognize him during trials because we are trying to get through something hard, but it’s the happy moments that not only recognize that we need God but that we lack sharing more of those simple joyful moments with him.


4 = Yes we’re talking about personal relationships with God, meaning just you and the omnipotent divine, but we still need each other. Some may need community more than others given that introverts and extroverts coexist in the world. Community is for personal relationships with God because at some point it’s necessary. At some point in life everyone needs and wants extra prayers -during times of transition, morning, doubts, or pure celebration.


We were meant to share faiths together. Even if you’re an introvert feeling lonely is a grey color that rests more on the dull side of life. It’s good to be able to depend on others when there are so many spiritual gifts out there. Diversity in community is also important. Growing in dialog and differences is the something extra special about faith community. We’re not all the same between down denominations but more importantly we’re not even the same within the same denomination. Embracing difference gives us an opportunity to learn and at least appreciate how unique we all think, see and do – but we have to be willing and open to be in communion with each other first. You don’t have to learn through differences, just in general our time, talents, treasures, and opportunities have a place to be shared in the world.

5 = Taste. Touch. See. Smell. Listen. Speak.


All the things to make life full.  If we are fortunate enough we can experience all the senses at once. If not, they are each so precious in their own way. To see and hug a friend while you two share a joke just to listen to each other laugh. Going home and  unpacking from a week away from camping just to smell the pillow you Left Behind. It’s perfectly cozy, clean and definitely your own. God’s given us some pretty amazing senses that we should be grateful for.


We know how special they are;  we can and should use them more often and put them better to use. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. We could listen to better music, choose to actually hear what our parents say to us. Smelling a fresh cup of coffee or tasting warm homemade bread made best by a family member.


When we give God our attention we give ourselves self love to slow down and be mindful of what’s been created. Lastly, only we could give god a hug or in whatever or any form actually feel the divine one in that be something else that would be a sense that we would never take for granted.


6 = I was in my car the other day and I was having a tough time and I was going through a list of names I could call to get me by. As I was scrolling through the names in my head I was crossing off who was busy or who I had already bothered that week and then my thought was “Oh! I know, I’ll call God!”


I was holding my phone and I went to swipe through it until I realized Oh – I don’t actually have God’s phone number but it’d be great if I did. Then my thoughts traveled to how often and how much more often I would talk to him if I was able to just call him.


I trust my prayers and my voice that they reach God but I still feel that my thoughts and short call outs throughout the day aren’t enough for prayer. There’s so many ways to reach God. Gather as a group, be silent to listen, talking aimlessly, writing and so on. Plus, don’t you remember when teachers, parents and friends would tell you that your actions speak louder than words? I bet you we most definitely could use better words and do better things that would speak out to God in positive ways. Tell stories of good times and encourage competitors and companions, engage in rich dialog rather than ranting and swearing – how about serving each other and the community?


Even after doing all of the different things, a phone call does sound like it would be extra nice. It’s catching up with your best friend that you haven’t had a heart-to-heart with in a long time you can do it over the phone but in person it’s always just that much sweeter. We can’t experience that on Earth with God but we can feel at peace and excited that we can take some pressure off of ourselves on how we communicate with God because if we think of it more casually and if I think that my prayers are more like a phone call then I’d forgive myself and feel more connected. We won’t get in our own way if we just trust whatever our love language is with God.


I encourage to be more mindful in all the ways we can connect with God and to notice that He truly is always present. Don’t take for granted the little things we do with and for God. A godly life is a daily habit.