The Questions Jesus Asks: Who Touched Me?

Mark 5:21-34

Jesus is on His way to see a little girl who is critically ill… when suddenly He is interrupted.

As He is moving through a large enthusiastic crowd, a woman who has been hemorrhaging non-stop for twelve years discreetly slips up behind Jesus and timidly touches the hem of His robe. Right then, the story tells us, her bleeding stops.

She thinks she has gone unnoticed, so she drops back trying to lose herself in the huge crowd. But then, Jesus stops, turns around and asks: “Who touched me?”

His disciples are astonished and somewhat put out by His question.

“Who touched you?”
“What do you mean ‘Who touched you?’”
“The crowd is pressing in all around us… pushing and shoving. Everybody is touched everybody. What kind of question is that?”

But Jesus knows that is was a special touch. How perceptive He was! He begins to look around.

  1. Who was this woman who touched his garment?

The woman had not expected to be found out. But now she fearfully steps forward and she tells Jesus…
* That she has had this bleeding for so long… over 12 years;
* And that she had tried everything… doctors, medicines, magic, wives tales, superstitions,… but to no avail… no improvement… in fact she has only gotten worse.
* She tells Jesus that she has heard about Him and His power to heal… and that she felt that if she could just touch His clothing, she could be made well.. and it worked!
* It worked! The bleeding has stopped!

Jesus’ heart goes out to her and He speaks to her tenderly: “Daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace and be healed of your disease.”

Now, in this fascinating story, we see not only the compassionate spirit of Jesus, but also, we discover here some of the key characteristics of love and compassion,… special qualities that we as followers of Jesus (with the help of God) need to cultivate in our lives.

  • The Power of Christ came into her life.
  • To Heal– Jesus exhibited the power of healing love. Healing for Jesus wasn’t just physical healing, but it was spiritual and emotional healing as well. Jesus saw that the healing of the body is only temporary. What was essential was the healing of one’s soul.
  • To Reconcile- To be reconciled with God and neighbor is the hallmark of the Christian life. Yet, so many people live in physical, spiritual, and emotional isolation. Is that the life God intends for us?  Jesus’ goal is to restore our relationships, and to heal the wounds that separate. For 12 years this woman was alienated from those she loved, and because of her shame she felt separated from God.
  • To Forgive– Jesus wanted to help the woman to feel clean and whole again. Forgiveness does that. Forgiveness takes away our sins and brokenness, real or imagined and gives us a new perspective on living where we see ourselves as redeemed, precious, and whole.
  • God does the same for us!
  • We need to make a choice to follow Christ.- The faith of this woman was rekindled when she heard about Jesus’ acts of healing. She made a decision to search Jesus out, follow him down the streets, and to touch the hem of his garment.  When she encountered Jesus she was no longer the same.
  • We need to listen for God’s voice in our lives.-  When the woman heard of Jesus’ acts of healing there was a voice deep within her that said, “Go and find him!” Have you ever heard that still small voice in your heart that said, Come and follow me”.
  • We need to be in community- We don’t live life and live faith in a vacuum. We need God and we need one another.

When Jesus confronted this woman longing for healing notice how gracious Jesus is to the woman.
* He calls her “daughter” … an obvious term of endearment.
* He doesn’t fuss at her or criticize her or question her.
* He doesn’t condemn her for being superstitious.
* He doesn’t even give her a theology lesson.
* He just meets her where she is.
* He accepts her, encourages her and heals her in a gracious way. He doesn’t take the credit… (He gives her faith the credit.) “Your faith has made you well!” How gracious He was! When Jesus calls out today, “Who Touched Me?” was he talking about you?