Dear New Life Church Family and Friends,

In response to the outbreak and the spread of Coronavirus in the United States, our church leaders gathered together last Tuesday (March 10th) and discussed how to respond to the potential danger of the current situation as a church. What we decided together in general from this meeting was that we will close the church building if the public organizations, especially, the school system, decide to close. This is because we ensure the safety of our church family and friends from COVID-19 and protect the Seymour Community from the potential danger of the virus spread. During the closure of the church, we will have online worship services via Facebook Live instead of in-person worship services at the two church sites. At the same time, church leaders decided that some worship materials such as bulletin and sermon script will be mailed to each church member’s house.

Today (March 13th), Gov. Tony Evers required all schools in Wisconsin to close from March 18th to April 6th. Accordingly, Seymour School District announced its closure from March 17th to April 6th. In this situation, our church office and two church buildings will be tentatively closed from March 17th to April 6th, joining the state’s efforts against the spread of the virus. In relation to the church closure and this coming worship service on March 15th, there are three important announcements.

First, we will be holding worship services at both church sites this coming Sunday, on March 15th. In the worship service, we will practice elbow bump or other alternative ways of greeting each other in the time of “Passing the Peace” instead of shaking hands. If you feel sick or your health situation is vulnerable in any way, please stay home.

Second, all scheduled events and activities are canceled. The scheduled Basket Bonanza and potluck on Sunday are canceled, but we will reschedule this wonderful ministry and let you know the new date soon. Also, New Member class and Lent Bible Study on Sunday and Monday are canceled.

Lastly, please continue to look for future mail and email which will provide information about how we will be doing “church” in the days ahead. Right after the worship service on March 15th, all church leaders plan to have an urgent meeting to respond to the current situation. We will develop a detailed strategic plan to care for church family members and serve the community even in this challenging situation. All of decisions and plans will be announced via Facebook, website, mail and email. Please look for the next mail.


Pastor Ho Lee