3/28/2021 Palm Sunday Worship Service

Jesus does not only give his life on the cross as ransom to save us from the oppression of sins but also invites us to follow His way. However, before the world of darkness, we are scared and worried to follow the way of light. As Jesus was tortured and killed, it seems we would be persecuted and suffered from the world when trying to serve and love God and others. Certainly, it is risky to follow Jesus in this world filled with hatred, wickedness, deceit, and evil. However, we need to remember Jesus’ promise to His disciples. “Remember, I am with you always, to the end of age” (Matthew 28:20). Yes, following Jesus is not a solo journey. This is a journey with God. However, what does “Journey with God” mean in our daily and real life? How can we experience our daily lives as a journey with God? Let’s explore this together through this worship service by visiting https://youtu.be/qvqBWSkcbi0.