4/4/2021 Traditional Easter Worship Service

Today is Easter! Jesus is risen! He won victory over death! We will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection in this worship service through upbeat hymns, prayers, and various rituals. This is a joyful and glorious day all Christians should gather together to rejoice about. However, with this excitement for Easter, we need to ask ourselves an important question. What is the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection to us? What is the relationship between his resurrection 2000 years ago and our lives now? The Easter story does not directly change our daily lives a lot. Rather, the current threat of COVID-19 is still going on, which makes our future more unpredictable and dangerous. In this somewhat dark situation, what does the Easter story tell us? Today’s worship service is designed to express our excitement of Easter and to think about the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus in our lives now. To view the service, visit https://youtu.be/vpIsrd9ZZeo.