4/18/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Last Sunday, we learned two new Wesleyan theological terms concerning the way of salvation: Prevenient Grace and Justifying Grace. Prevenient grace is God’s initiative grace that gradually restores our damaged spiritual senses before we believe in God. This grace unwittingly restores us to the point that we recognize our sinfulness and Jesus’ sacrificial love. This recognition leads us to seriously confess our sins, often with emotional outbursts. Then, we can deeply experience God’s forgiveness and presence. We call this pardoning process justifying grace. After these two graces, are we saved? Is the way of salvation done? In fact, many Christians tend to think that our spiritual journey is done after justification or a born-again experience. However, the First Epistle of John and Wesley firmly say “no.” In particular, Wesley said that justification was just the beginning of our spiritual journey. After justification, there will be “sanctifying grace.” What is this sanctifying grace? What kind of journey will be there after justifying grace? Let’s think about our spiritual journey after the justification through this worship service available at https://youtu.be/iE9P8LWcE2g.