5/2/2021 Sunday Worship Service

What is your understanding of “salvation”? How do you describe your “salvation”? There are various ways to understand this big word such as freed from our sins, going to heaven, deepening our relationship with God and so on. Each understanding of salvation affects our understanding of God and our spiritual journey consciously and unconsciously. Regarding this issue, Wesley, the founder of Methodism, developed a distinctive theology based on the observations of countless believers and his deep reflections. We call it “The Way of Salvation.” In fact, we learned three crucial concepts about this understanding of salvation the last two Sundays. They are prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace. Why did Wesley develop this understanding of salvation? How does this understanding of salvation help us deepen our understanding and relationship with God? This worship service is designed to understand Wesley’s way of salvation and its implications in our spiritual journey. Visit https://youtu.be/CntApVhnguM to view the service.