5/30/2021 Sunday Worship Service

We will observe this Sunday as Memorial Sunday. In this worship service, we will honor the war dead of the United States and veterans who dedicated and sacrificed their lives to protect our country. In this time, let’s recognize veterans, especially among our church members, and express our gratitude to them. Let’s remember their sacrifices and pray for them and their family members. I (Pastor Ho Lee) personally deeply appreciate our veterans because I am one of the beneficiaries. Wisconsin is the state which sent the most soldiers to the Korean War. Without veterans in Wisconsin, my country would not be developed like it is today and I would not be here today. Becky Mueller, who has actively served veterans as chaplain and also has served our church as lay leader, will share with you how we honor and love them in a Christian way. With the holy expectation to encounter the presence of God, come and join the service. Visit https://youtu.be/zlCOTfOLH0M to view the service.