6/20/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Divisions have become a common social phenomenon nowadays. We easily witness divisions in our society. People in the United States are divided politically, racially, and even religiously. Any social issues worsen these divisions and conflicts, breaking a relationship and a connection among people, even in a family. This dividing society seems to have heavily influenced many Christian communities. I have heard of a lot of conflicts and divisions of churches over a certain issue from my clergy friends. They shared how easily many church members turn away from each other whenever they find disagreement over a certain aspect of the church. Our church is no exception. From time to time, we witness and experience small and big divisions in the church over an issue. As a church, how can we understand divisions among us and overcome them? What is the standard to discern a conflicting situation and move forward together as the body of Christ? Think about the way to reconciliation in the church through this worship service at https://youtu.be/TpndoHauuHI.