7/25/2021 Sunday Worship Service

We are reading the book of Ephesians during the summer. Today, we will start reading chapter 4. In the first part of this letter, from chapter 1 to 3, Paul explains how God saved his people through Jesus Christ regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and created them into a new humanity and new society beyond their differences as the body of Christ. In the later part, from chapter 4 to 6, he exhorts the Ephesian faith community as well as all Christians, including us, to live out our faith as an authentic church. The former part is like a theological explanation about the church and the latter part is its practical implications. In this practical part, the first thing he emphasizes is the unity of the church. However, this unity is not conformity but unity in diversity. What does that mean? Why did the Paul emphasize unity in diversity as an important value all church members should pursue? I invite you all to think about this characteristic of the church through this worship service. Watch the service here.