8/1/2021 Sunday Worship Service

The church is not only a community of saints but also a gathering of sinners. This is because Jesus called sinners, not holy people, to be the body of Christ. Jesus loved people as they are and saved them by sacrificing himself on the cross. However, this loving grace is not cheap, but expensive. Now, Jesus is asking his people, the church, to be holy by imitating His life and ministry. I am not sure if I can say that churches on earth are holy in a practical way. However, I must say that churches should pursue holiness. In this way, I would like to describe the church as a purifying community, not as a purified community. Purity from sins should be the important characteristic the church community needs to pursue as well as unity. If so, what is the way to build up “a purifying community”? How can we be away from sinfulness of the world and make ourselves holy together? Through Apostle Paul’s practical advice from the book of Ephesians, we learn about the way to purity. Click here to watch the service.