8/15/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Jesus is often described as the light of the world in the Bible, the light which saves people by casting out darkness in the world. This description of Jesus leads the church to commemorate and celebrate Jesus as the light of the world. In particular, the church emphasizes this metaphorical understanding of Jesus during the Christmas season, lighting the advent wreath candles and having a candlelight worship service. Thanks to repetitive emphasis and celebration of this metaphor, Christians are familiar with it. However, this particular analogy is not only for Jesus, but also for the gathering of believers. Since we are saved by Jesus and decided to follow His way, all Christians, especially churches, are called as children of light. The Bible constantly called followers of Jesus children of light and urged them to live accordingly. I believe almost all Christians already knew this calling because of its recurring emphasis in the Bible and the church. However, what are concrete ways to live as children of light in our own home, workplace, and community? I invite you to reflect on the meaning of “children of light” and the ways to live out in our daily lives through this worship service.