9/5/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Many contemporary Christians tend to separate their private life from communal church life. Moreover, they tend to assign a small part of their life to being Christians, calling it religious life. When it comes to “spiritual journey” or “Christian life”, they often think about attending a worship service, joining church life, or participating in a church ministry and mission. Thus, many Christians, consciously and unconsciously, do not pay attention to their private lives as being followers of Jesus, especially their most private one, married life. However, when Jesus asked people to follow his “Way”, he did not mean a part of their lives, but their whole lives. All aspects of our daily lives should be transformed by the way of Jesus Christ, including our most intimate relationship among married couples. That is why Apostle Paul talked about how to build up a new married life as disciples of Jesus Christ. Today, I would like to invite all to reflect on our current married life or a relationship with a significant other, and then seek Jesus’ way to build up a healthy relationship with a life partner through this worship service.