Church Windows

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When our church was being planned, the building committee made every effort to include some stained glass windows.  According to our architect, the windows from the two old churches were unsuitable.  Because of the cost of the building, it was decided to omit any stained glass, hoping the project might be started at a later date after the church was paid for.

At an Administrative Board meeting on April 11, 1989, a plan for stained glass windows for the church was discussed.  Jay Olson, (member and art teacher) was asked to look into the project.  A committee was appointed along with Great Northern Glass Co. from Green Bay were selected.  After much discussion and visits to other churches, Jay Olson drew sketches of the window designs selected.

There was a congregational vote on the project on April 11.  Estimated cost of the windows was $5,200 plus $300 for installation. The vote was 81 in favor and 65 opposed.  On April 30 the congregation voted to proceed as all but $733 had been pledged to the project.  On May 15 the contract was signed.  Installation was started on June 21.  Dedication of the windows was held on September 10 with a special service.

Meanings of each window:

hand Window 1 (upper symbol) “Hand of God”

The Hand of God is a symbol of the First Person in the Trinity; God the Father, Creator and Sustainer of all things.


alpha-omegaWindow 1 (lower symbol) “The Alpha and Omega”

The Alpha and Omega is a title of Christ describing His position as the beginning and end of all things.  The Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.


fishWindow 2 (upper symbol) “The Fish”

The Fish was used as a secret symbol or password of the church during the persecutions in the 1st Century.  If someone made the sign of the fish, you would recognize him/her as a follower of Jesus.  Jesus called the Disciples, most of whom were fishermen.


flame-crossWindow 2 (lower symbol) “The Cross and the Flame”

The Cross and the Flame is the symbol of The United Methodist Church.  The empty cross symbolizes the core of our faith—that Jesus Christ died for our sin and arose triumphantly on Easter morning.  The flame symbolizes the Holy Spirit that is active in the church and empowers it for dynamic service.


butterflyWindow 3 (upper symbol) “The Butterfly”

The Butterfly is a beautiful symbol of the resurrection.  It breaks open the pupa and soars aloft into the sunlight with a new body.  This signifies the flight of the soul after death into a new and higher life—the place Jesus called Heaven.


chaliceWindow 3 (lower symbol) “The Communion Chalice”

The highest rite of the church has always been the celebration of Holy Communion.  In the symbols of bread and wine, Jesus reminds us that His body was broken and His blood was shed for the remission of our sins.


doveWindow 4 (upper symbol) “The Dove”

The Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit that came upon Jesus at His baptism.  The dove also represents the heavenly spirit of peace that God bestows on all who follow Him.


chi-rohWindow 4 (lower symbol) “The Chi ‘ Roh”

The Greek letters X (Chi) and P (Roh) are the first two letters of the word for Christ in the Greek Language.  They have been used since the beginning of Christian history as symbol for Christ.


We hope you have enjoyed looking into the meaning of our stained glass windows.