Dart Ball


Our church is part of a local church league that includes New Life UMC, Seymour Lutheran, Navarino Lutheran, Cicero Lutheran, Black Creek Lutheran, Black Creek UCC, Oneida UMC, & Oneida Assembly of God.   The group plays on Monday evenings in the Fall & Spring.  This year they start in mid October, and play into December.   January starts the second half of the season with the Tournament in early March, followed by a banquet. All members of the church are invited to participate or come and watch the action.

Basically the game is played like baseball except the players throw darts at the board designed like a baseball diamond. Teams are made up of 7 or more players that are set in a batting order.   Each player takes turns throwing darts until they either get a “hit” or an “out”.  Each additional hit by a teammate advances the runner(s) until either runs are scored or the side has three outs.  Then the next team bats.  Play continues for 9 innings unless there is a tie.  We continue to play and a tie results after 11 innings.  On Monday nights the teams play 3 games.  Afterwards a lunch is served while the teams enjoy fellowship together.

At the end of the season a Tournament is held with round robin play until all teams have played all the other teams.  Play is shortened to 7 innings – win, lose or tie.  The best overall record wins the tournament.    A banquet is held at the end of the season with trophies being awarded to the league winners, tournament winner, most improved player, and rookie of the year.   Baseball statistics are kept for batting average, hits, RBIs, singles, doubles, triples, and home runs.

This is a great time for fellowship and relaxation.  Anyone interested should contact Doug Buttles or Clarence Mueller or the church office at 920/833-7308.