Treasure Clue Two for Week Two

Friends, As we come closer to uncovering another lost treasure in scripture this week, here is another clue for you: I delivered a secret message to the king, who was not too pleased. Good luck! Pastor Rebecca

Treasure Clue 1 for Week 2

Friends, This week we listen to yet another rarely heard scripture passage that awakens us to God. Here is your first clue to discovering the lost treasure: The Israelites called out for help and God sent me. Good luck! Pastor…

8/28/2016 Lost Treasures Week One

Preaching:  Pastor Rebecca A. Henry Date Presented:  Sunday, August 21, 2016 Scripture Reference: Numbers 22:22-35, 23:5-12 Sermon: Lost Treasures Week One   No one does expect a horse, of course, to be able to speak. It is that fact that…

Treasure Clue Two

Friends, Here is the second clue for this week’s lost treasure: I am considered to be a prophet.  After hearing my first prophecy, the king responded: “what have you done to me?” Good luck! Pastor Rebecca