7/25/2021 Sunday Worship Service

We are reading the book of Ephesians during the summer. Today, we will start reading chapter 4. In the first […]

7/11/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Last Sunday, we learned that the church should be new-people-oriented based on the book of Ephesians 3:1-13. This is because […]

7/4/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Church should be new people-oriented. This means that church should reach new people. This statement would make some church members […]

6/20/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Divisions have become a common social phenomenon nowadays. We easily witness divisions in our society. People in the United States […]

6/6/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Knowing God is one of the ultimate goals for our spiritual journey. However, since God is limitless and infinite, knowing […]

5/30/2021 Sunday Worship Service

We will observe this Sunday as Memorial Sunday. In this worship service, we will honor the war dead of the […]

5/23/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Confirmation is an important ritual in Christianity. People who were baptized as infants confirm their baptismal covenant and their belief […]

5/16/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Today, we will have some time to honor graduates in our church and community. In our individualistic society, we often […]