2/17/2021 Ash Wednesday Service

This Ash Wednesday, find “The Invitation to Inner Life” by viewing the worship service at https://youtu.be/n-EfuEJLfV4.

2/14/2021 Sunday Worship Service

On this Transfiguration Sunday, learn how to be “In Pursuit of Experiencing God.” Visit https://youtu.be/9f46xSPmogk.

2/7/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Do you feel called to be a servant to help bring unity to our world? Visit https://youtu.be/cIKmHuo9nAg to view the […]

1/31/2021 Sunday Worship Service

“The Way to Unity”: Find out what YOU can do to help heal divisions and bring unity by viewing the […]

1/17/2021 Sunday Worship Service

Are you ready to hear God’s call to you? Learn the three common features of God’s calling in the Old […]