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3/3/2019 How Many Loaves Do You Have?

by Deanna DeBruin

Sermon: “How Many Loaves Do You Have?” Mark 6:13-21 John 6:1-13 Luke 9:10-17 Matthew 14:13-21  Looking at the context of the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 the world of Jesus, his disciples, and the crowd, was shattered by the execution of John the Baptist by King Herold. And though they continued to preach the […]

2/24/2019 Who Touched Me?

by Deanna DeBruin

The Questions Jesus Asks: Who Touched Me? Mark 5:21-34 Jesus is on His way to see a little girl who is critically ill… when suddenly He is interrupted. As He is moving through a large enthusiastic crowd, a woman who has been hemorrhaging non-stop for twelve years discreetly slips up behind Jesus and timidly touches […]

2/10/2019 Which One Loved Him More?

by Deanna DeBruin

The Questions Jesus Asked “Which One Will Love Him More?” Luke 7:36-50 Today we are going to look at one of the most awkward questions asked by Jesus. In his interaction with Simon the Pharisee and the woman who interrupted the dinner seeking Jesus’ forgiveness Jesus asked; ‘Which one would love him more?” Looking at […]